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Things To Do In San Diego, Ca: The San Diego Zoo   by ameen kamadia

The San Diego Zoo is world famous. It has been ranked as one of the top ten best zoos in the world. Lucky for us, it did not disappoint. The care given to the animals and the wide variety is what makes it a must see stop if you are in San Diego.

You can easily pass a whole day in the zoo. It is so large that walking the whole zoo is not an option for most people. That is why the zoo has two great ways to get around. First is the zoo bus. These double decker buses take you around the whole zoo. The driver also tells you about the San Diego Zoo and the great animals they have there. Once you complete a circuit on the bus, you can decide which areas you want to study in detail and you can easily go back.

The second method of seeing the zoo is from overhead. The zoo also has a ride that takes you above the zoo and slowly transports you to the other end of the zoo. This saves a ton of walking and it is a ton of fun to see the animals and habitats from above.

San Diego Zoo is famous for its Panda Bears. Very few zoos have them, and San Diego Zoo is one of the ones that does. When we went they actually had three. Two adults and a newborn cub. The best time to see them is during feeding time. While they are eating they are active. Otherwise the bears pretty much sit around or sleep. If you want to see them, make sure you ask the employees of the zoo when feeding times are so you can see them in action. It is worth the wait.

Another attraction that is rare is the giraffes. The giraffes themselves are not rare, but the zoo allows visitors to actually feed the giraffes by hand. This is another treat that only happens at feeding time. But if you or your kids love giraffes, this is a once in a lifetime experience that should not be missed.

One item that did disappoint was the lions. They did not exactly seem to be in the best of health. Instead of tough and large, they looked weak and skinny. Perhaps they do not get enough exercise or food. Whatever the reason, the zoo should do something about it. Lions are one of the main attractions of any zoo.

Another type of bear that we really got a kick out of were the Polar Bears. My husband has always wanted to see a polar bear and this was his favorite part of the zoo. They had two polar bears inside their own habitat. As you stand behind the thick glass you can watch them eat, swim, sleep, and play with each other. Being so big, they are alarmingly quick. While we were there, there was a small bird that kept bothering one of the bears. When the bear got sick of the bird, he jumped up and gave the bird such a scare that he never came back.

The San Diego Zoo is a great place, and a wonderful zoo. If you are in San Diego you must stop by for at least a few hours. There is so much to learn, see and do, that everyone in your party will enjoy it.

About the Author

Mrs. Kamadia is currently traveling the country while working as a travel nurse. Most of her expenses are paid for and she only works 3 days a week. To learn how visit her travel nursing website.