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Vacation in Carmel, CA   by Caitlin Moore

When you're in the mood for sunshine and a break from dull routine, there's something about California that promises relief and release. The Golden State excels at creating an atmosphere of playfulness and its lush forests and coastal scenery have been known to cause dropped jaws and widened eyes, so if you consider yourself a tired soul in need of refreshment, consider going west sometime soon. Several tempting choices will call out to you for attention, but in the interest of simplicity you'll want to focus on one special place as the site of your liberation from anxiety. Based on its beauty, diversions, and irrepressible charm, Carmel is more than capable of being just that place.

Located on the coast in central California, Carmel is representative of all that is attractive about the most fun-loving state in the country. There are activities galore, but it's also an ever-present option to spend a day doing what amounts to not a whole lot. Somehow, filling your lungs with ocean-fresh air and wandering through ancient forests can manage to fill several hours and make them feel quite productive, at that. You probably didn't realize it, but as you've been going about your daily business, you've been missing a few key experiences like this that will be made up for on this trip.

Continue to unwind your way to contentment by engaging in Carmel's recreational pursuits. Golfers will rejoice at the surroundings, as there are over a dozen challenging and picturesque courses within twenty minutes of one another. This hotspot offers Pacific views, woodsy terrain, and rolling hills for your viewing and playing pleasure. Take it all in as you put and drive and try not to let the splendor of it all get in the way of a good score. If you do end up playing a sub par game, you probably won't feel too bad though, as the comforts of Carmel will know how to soothe you.

Like other blessed parts of the state, the Monterey Peninsula is known for its wine production. The Carmel Valley appellation, which consists of acres of vineyards, is said to rival the Bordeaux region of France in terms of the fine fragrant juices turned out here. Take at least an afternoon to explore a quiet family-run operation, marvel at the lovely hills and valleys, and of course, be sure to taste a few samples provided by the lovingly tended grapevines.

View the stunning scene of Carmel from another perspective to appreciate it even further. Horseback riding is a popular way to take it all in while participating in a fun and active way, so saddle up for a ride you won't soon forget. Family treks through the Del Monte forest will allow everyone to participate, and more experienced equestrians can opt to hit a secluded and more demanding trail that will eventually overlook the Salinas Valley. Either way you do it, you'll find the experience to be a pleasant one.

Wildlife lovers will kick themselves if the National Parks aren't fully surveyed. Pfeiffer Big Sur and Point Lobos are both excellent excuses to take a drive, and their fabulous features will leave you better acquainted with the untamed parts of California. From deer to raccoons, redwoods to sycamores, all of nature's jewels are on display here. This is the land the way it was meant to be, and it deserves a little admiration.

Other landmarks and locales worth taking a look at include Hearst Castle, a formidable historical monument with a story to tell, and Carmel Mission, whose adobe structures and flower-filled grounds will take you back to another time. Carmel is also home to several art galleries, fine restaurants, spas and a race track. Festivals and special events dot the calendar as well, so be assured that not a minute of boredom will surface during your visit.

To top it all off, avoid the pitfalls of vacationing that sometimes surround accommodations. Since you're taking the time to pamper yourself to a de-stressing holiday, don't skimp on an important element of ensuring that a good time is had by all. Especially if you've never tried one before, consider a vacation rental instead of a hotel. More room, more amenities, and the adventure of being in a one-of-a-kind property will add a little extra something to your getaway. Whether it's a hot tub, a yard, a patio, or a washer and dryer that puts you over the edge, something about staying in a villa, condo, or cottage will push this vacation into the next realm.

Check out the Carmel CA Vacation Rentals online, and book yourself a winner. You'll likely have a great time in California no matter what, but it's better to take one extra step that will guarantee success in sunshine land.
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